About Vinmark....

Emonie Whitley- Owner, Founder, and Artistic Director

Vinmark was started November 1, 2003 by Emonie Whitley in Greensboro, NC. Dancing since the age of eight, Emonie developed the passion to perform under the instruction of Sheryl Patton of the Dance Connection in Greensboro. A former school teacher at Weaver Academy and Penn-Griffin School of the Arts, Emonie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from East Carolina University and a Master's degree in Global Studies and Education (Teaching and Learning) from Liberty University. She enjoys learning and teaching various kinds of multicultural dances as well as educating the community through cultural history and the arts. 

Emonie brings in different guest teachers and choreographers skilled in all areas of dance to give her students the best experience possible. Her philosophy of dance is centered around education and enrichment before performance. Also, her belief is the overall success of a studio is not measured by quantity but quality. She is continuing her journey of cultural studies by traveling and learning abroad!

VInmark Mission & Vision


Vinmark's mission is to provide top quality instruction that produces educated well-rounded students. 

Their vision is to diversify, enrich lives and promote student growth through the education of culture and dance.

​Multicultural Dance Classes for all students!

We offer an array of dance styles ranging from lyrical to belly dance.  We start at age 2.5 and all of our classes include multicultural dance as well as ballet, tap, and jazz.