Class Descriptions

Tiny Stars (2.5 to 4 years old)

Tiny Stars is more of an intro to dance class for small children. Dancers learn basic ballet and tap, as well as some acro and cultural dance techniques. Dancers in this class are not expected to participate in any performances as our focus is to help them understand movement and spatial awareness. 

Little Stars (5 to 7 years old)

The Little Stars class is geared towards helping students build a foundation in ballet, jazz, tap, and cultural dance. Students will began barre and center floor work as well as cross-the-floor techniques. This class includes acro and students are encouraged to begin participation in performances and our annual recital. 

Silver Stars (8 to 10 years old)

Silver Stars is a continuation of the Little Stars class. Dancers will continue to work on their ballet, jazz, and tap techniques as well as learn various cultural dances. This class also includes acro and dancers are expected to participate in performances and our annual recital. 

Junior Company (11 to 14 years olds)

Junior Company dancers are expected to know basic ballet vocabulary and technique, as well as jazz and tap, This class also includes contemporary, majorette, and various cultural dances. Dancers at this level are eligible to audition for Pointe and the Traveling Team. They are also expected to participate in performances and our annual recital. 

Senior Company (15 to 18 years old)

Senior Company is a continuation of Junior Company. Students will continue extensive training in ballet/lyrical, jazz,  majorette, tap, contemporary and various cultural dances. Also, students will be expected to know vocabulary and the history behind the dance styles they learn. Dancers on this level are expected to participate in performances and the annual recital. 

Adult Company (age 19 & up)

The Adult Company is a class designed assist adult dancers with a previous dance background, get back into dancing. Our adult company does ballet/lyrical, belly dance, contemporary, majorette, tap, and international dance fusion. It is not a requirement, however we do encourage our adults to participate in performances and our annual recital. 


Dancers must have a teacher recommendation and a doctor's note to take pointe. This class is automatically included  with the Traveling Team cost, there is a $25 a month additional fee to take it with another class.