Vinmark Traveling Team

What is the Traveling Team?

The Traveling Team is a group of performers who auditioned or were selected to represent Vinmark at various performances, competitions, and events. Dancers are expected to participate in different activities, dance clinics and workshops, as well as trips that will encourage them to be culturally astute, well-rounded dancers.


To audition for the traveling team, students must be at least 11 years old. Auditions will held in Spring and Fall of each school year. Students will need to choreograph a minute long piece as well as learn a piece from the instructor. All dancers are asked to wear all black (leotard, tank, tights or leggings). Hair must be pulled back. 

What we are looking for.... (Traveling Team Requirements)

Dancers must have previous dance training in ballet, jazz, hip hop, majorette, and/or cultural dance. 

Specifically dancers must have/be:

  • A strong, captivating performer
  • A unique style or approach to dance
  • Splits on both sides (not mandatory)
  • Strong grand jetes and leaps
  • Good turns, arms, and feet
  • Good flow and rhythm to music (groove)
  • Ability to pick up choreography quickly
  • Knowledge of basic ballet and vocabulary
  • A willingness to learn all types of dance 
  • Confidence in what type of dancer you are and want to become
  • Great teamwork skills

Expectations of TT dancers

Traveling Team dancers are expected to be in class, on time, and ready to learn. Students will be required to audition for all performances and competitions. If a student misses any class the week of a performance (unless due to a personal or family emergency), they will not be allowed to participate. Also, if a dancer is constantly late or has poor attendance, this puts a strain on the other students and they will not be able to participate in that performance.

Overall, our goal is to teach and train students in the Traveling Team to be the best dancers they know they can be. This means not making them conform to the typical cookie cutter dance team culture, but allowing them to culturally and artistically express who they are through their dancing.